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From the moment your fish is taken from the landing by our Five Star Fish Processing employees, to the moment you receive your finished product, Five Star lives by its name.

We care for your fish and understand that any bump or bruise will damage your future fish dinner. 

FRESH FISH (RSW) is placed in insulated slush bins to safeguard the exceptional quality.  RSW fish can be processed the same day, usually within hours.  RSW fish can be kept fresh, or it can also be frozen and picked up or shipped at a later date. 

FROZEN FISH is hardier and can be placed in regular bins to ready them for thawing.  This frozen fish typically takes a day to thaw, depending on its size.  After the frozen fish is filleted, it can be picked up fresh or we can refreeze it and hold it for you up to 30 days.

A main concern for many anglers is that they are afraid a processor will "trade out" their fish for older already processed fish.  Five Star is dedicated to filleting YOUR fish and making sure you receive YOUR fish back in perfect condition.

Five Star does NOT wholesale or retail any product that enters our facility.  We are a processing ONLY establishment.  This guarantees YOUR fish is processed for you!  We do not have an ulterior motive for your fish.  Our business is solely making our customer happy.  Filleting, smoking or jerking your fish, and getting your fish back to you in a timely manner.   

How we keep track of your fish:

Your fish tag number (kept either on the gill plate or the tail) is taken off your fish individually as it is cut, and the tag stays with your fish through its entire process.

When you pick up your finished product you will see your original tag number in each tray.  This ensures that you are receiving YOUR fish back.  

We also have a viewing room so you may experience how our filleting method works.  Here you can watch our fish cutters sculpt out your fish and see our packers bagging your fish and vacuum sealing them.  Each bag is placed in a tray with your tag number, boat name, and the date you arrived at the docks.  

Typically your fish will be filleted and packaged in 1.5 pound packs, enough for two people to eat a dinner.  This way, if you have company, you can take out more packs, but you should rarely have left overs from these personal sized vacuum pouches.  If different sizes are needed, please specify on your invoice.  We will accommodate any of your needs.  


Five Star Fish Processing, 3826 Sherman St., San Diego, CA. 92110                                 

Phone/Fax (619) 299-9996

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